Wild Swans

“The Wild Swans” is a musical for children composed by the Minko Lambov based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story under the same name.

The libretto is written by Ana Topalova.

Now the creators are being focused on the youngest and the most precious spectators and these are our children!  Often being neglected due to lack of funds, our children hardly receive what they deserve! That is why the team has created a new cultural product without comprising its quality. “All we want for our children is a healthy spirit in a healthy body but the spirit as well as the body need nourishing and quality food prepared with a lot of love. This is why we have decided to bestow the children the attention they do deserve! They are our future! And our future is being decided today. We shall surely reap what we sow”,  representatives of our team share. The idea about the power of the good and the forgiveness this time reaches the children directly and intuitively by means of the fairy music and the characters of the bewitched swan brothers, their strong and brave sister Eliza and many other familiar and unexpected characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s most beloved story. “We believe that a number of generations who have watched the “The Wild Swans” musical in their childhood and later again will cherish the memory deep in their hearts.

The premiere of the spectacle is coming soon.