The  Fisherman  ahd  his  Soul

“The Fisherman and His Soul” is a two-act pop-opera composed by Minko Lambov and based on Oscar Wild’s story going by the same name. The première of the spectacle was launched in Hall 1 at The National Palace of Culture on May 19, 2015. The pop-opera was placed again in Hall 1 at the Palace of Culture a few months later on November 10, 2015. After that date the rights of the spectacle were purchased by the State Musical Theater Sofia till the end of the season in 2016 on which stage 10 more spectacles were placed.

The creation of the pop-opera “The Fisherman and His Soul” is an exclusive event in the cultural life of Bulgaria. Minko Lambov’s high mastery and fascinating musical language while creating such a complicate product from scratch have attracted the efforts of a team of exclusive creators – libretto -  Ana Topalova, scenography and 3-D visualisations – Polina Gerasimova, choreography – Tatyana Yaneva, costumes’ designer -  Pavlina Kiryakova and Elitsa Rangelova, technical realization of the costumes – Kremena Halvadzhiyan. Some of the most popular and capable Bulgarian performers are  brilliant on the stage while presenting the characters of the Fisherman, the Mermaid, the Sorcerer, the Soul, the Priest etc. 

The idea of bringing differences together by the power of forgiving and through God’s love wrought in the fairy beautiful and inspiring music of Minko Lambov make “The Fisherman and His Soul” pop-opera one of the most exciting experiences ever and a fascinating memory for all those who had the possibility of participating in or being present at this completely Bulgarian author’s spectacle.

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